Top 10 Website Audit Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Websites

A website audit takes into consideration all of the elements that affect a website’s visibility and user experience. It is a long-time and complex process that demands great patience and turns over hundreds of web pages. Therefore, it is wise to look for some website audit tools to make the task easier.

Here, we pick 10 best website audit tool for you to audit technical, on-page or off-page issues on your website, including both the free and paid tools.

Website Audit Tools

10 Effective Website Audit Tools (Free & Paid)

1. Google Analytics – Best for Monitoring Website Traffic and Conversion

Anyone who’s worked with SEO has definitely heard of Google Analytics, which measures traffic by device type, each page’s loading time, establishing conversions and goals, pinpointing demographics, campaign tracking, automate reporting and so much more.

Being able to clearly monitor and review what works and what doesn’t is the first step for you to conduct a website audit. And, Google Analytics do it for you.

Price: Google Analytics offers a life-time free package for individuals, startups and small businesses, and moderate, quote-based pricing for enterprises. 

Google Analytics

2. Google Search Console – Best for Auditing Website Crawl Errors

Google Search Console is the best tool to use if you are beginning your SEO career. This tool is free to use, which provides fair amount of insights and gives a summary of things that are important – broken links, speed, indexed web pages, HTML markup, etc. You can also find out website positions, the number of impressions and clicks for your website in SERP. 

Most often, I use it to check the crawl errors, Core Web Vitals, and the internal link structure of my website.

Price: Google Search Console is a free SEO audit tool offered by Google to anyone with their own website.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights – Best for Auditing Website Speed and User Experience

Another free tool provided by Google, PageSpeed Insights is the real deal when it comes to identifying, diagnosing and actually fixing errors that are impacting user experience.

With PageSpeed Insights, you can test the performance of your website. Then, your PageSpeed Insights report will then provide recommendations for improving your website performance.

The Google PageSpeed report contains six metrics:

  • First Contentful Paint (Core Web Vitals metric)
  • Largest Contentful Paint (Core Web Vitals metric)
  • Speed Index
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (Core Web Vitals metric)
  • Time to Interactive
  • Total Blocking Time.

Price: PageSpeed Insights is a free tool provided by Google.

4. Screaming Frog – Best for Identifying Technical and On-Page SEO Issues

Screaming Frog is an awesome desktop program for a detailed analysis on your entire website at once. In practice, it is not an audit, it’s more a crawling tool. It crawls all your website and provides you lots of useful insights and possible SEO problems your site could have.

Specifically, it helps you quickly identify significant issues like:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Broken Links
  • Redirects
  • Too short/long Meta Tags
  • Broken Images
  • Noindex Tags

Price: Screaming Frog is perfect for small websites that crawl up to 500 URLs for free. If you run large websites, that you need to pay €99/year.

5. WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool – Best for Checking Website Accessibility

WAVE® is a suite of evaluation tools that helps website owners make their web content more accessible. WAVE can identify many accessibility and Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) errors, but also facilitates human evaluation of web content. 

You can use the online WAVE tool by entering a web page address (URL). It then performs a quick check and pops open a sidebar showing summary details on the left-hand side of the navigation next to your web page with a list of errors, alerts, and accessibility features found on your page. The result pops up under four broad headings: Summary, Details, References, Structure, and Contrast. At a glance, you can get a gist of your website accessibility in figures.

WAVE Firefox and Chrome extensions are also available for testing accessibility directly within your web browser

Price: Free

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

6. Marketing Grader – Best for A Quick Site Audit

Founded by HubSpot, Marketing Grader is a simple tool that evaluates the most important aspects of your website and then provides a score. Your website’s grade will be broken down into several different categories:

  • Performance
  • Mobile
  • SEO
  • Security

You’ll be graded on a number of factors in each section. Then at the end of the report, HubSpot provides actionable tips that you can take to improve your website’s grade and better serve your customers.

The HubSpot Marketing Grader is an excellent tool for companies that want to quickly check for and rectify performance issues on their website, but a deeper evaluation will require help from a professional website audit tool.

Price: Free

Marketing Grader

7. Ahrefs – Comprehensive Website Auditing Tool

Ahrefs is one of the market leaders when it comes to an all-in-one digital and search engine marketing solutions. While some of the other options on this list focus exclusively on technical, on-page or off-page ranking factors, Ahrefs is one of the few solutions that provides robust tools for all three areas of SEO auditing.

Some of its main features are:

  • Site Explorer, which shows you the performance of specific webpages on your website.
  • Content Explorer, which allows you to search high-performing webpages under specific keywords and topics.
  • Keywords Explorer, which generates the monthly search volume and click-through rates of specific keywords.
  • Site Audit, which crawls specified verticals within your domain and reveals a number of technical issues at the page level.

Ahrefs Site Audit is like a mini lab to examine your site’s health. The system can recognize 110+ technical issues, from critical errors to less-pressing matters. Whatever there is to harm your website’s rankings (broken links, redirects, images or entire CSS and JavaScript files), you’ll quickly find and fix it.

Price: Seven-day trial for $7, $99/month for Lite, $179/month for Standard, $399/month for Advanced, $999/month for Agency


8. SEMrush – Comprehensive Website Auditing Tool

SEMrush is another auditing and research tool extensively used to track the organic keywords, competitor research, backlinks and PPC keywords of the competitors.

The technical site audit tool will analyze your website and detects more than 130 different errors. There’s also an on-page SEO checker that ensures that your pages are optimized to rank for chosen keywords and a backlink audit tool that can detect toxic or low-quality links.

In details, SEMrush allows you to:

  • Research appropriate keywords.
  • Discover and take advantage of similar on-page SEO opportunities.
  • Compare your page performance against your competition.
  • Analyze backlinks from other websites to your site.
  • Use the Keyword Magic Tool to identify all keywords you need to successfully build a profitable SEO or PPC campaign.
  • Receive recommendations for how you can increase your organic traffic by optimizing your content.
  • Export complete analytical reports in Excel Format.

Price: $119.95/month for Pro, $229.95/month for Guru, or $449.95/month for Business

9. Moz Pro – Comprehensive Website Auditing Tool

Moz is another great all-in-one SEO platform that digital marketers can use to conduct a comprehensive website audit and discover technical and SEO issues that are impacting their rankings.

As with other all-in-one solutions, Moz offers SEO analysis tools that help with technical, on-page and off-page SEO auditing. It automatically crawls weekly and alerts you to any new and critical issues so you can fix them before they cause major problems.

Price: Free 30-day trial, $99/month for Standard, $149/month for Medium, $249/month for Large, $599/month for Premium

Moz Pro

10.  Alexa Site Audit – Comprehensive Website Auditing Tool

Alexa is famous for its own website ranking system called “Alexa Rank” that ranked all websites on the Internet by popularity. However, do you know that Alexa Audit tool also helps site owners figure out and fix technical problems on a site, gives keyword suggestion and backlink reports based on Alexa data. 

Price: Alexa offers several different pricing options for its SEO audit tool. For digital marketers, the full marketing stack of SEO tools is available for $149 monthly and there’s a free 14-day trial option so you can test it out before making the commitment.

Ready to Pick Your Best Website Audit Tool?

Thanks for checking out our list of the top ten website audit tools for 2021. You can use one or several of these tools to identify and update any technical, on-page or off-page SEO issues that are impacting your search engine rankings.

If you don’t know how to start a website auditing, please read our website audit checklist and follow the steps one by one.

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