About Me

I’m Lois Liu, and I started to learn SEO and online marketing in 2014 after graduation. From 2014 to 2017, I worked for a software company as a SEOer. Thanks to my boss and workmates who taught me a lot in this field. They opened the door of SEO for me. In August, 2017, I left this company because I’m curious about the world related SEO but not limited in SEO.

From September, 2017 till now, I worked for a Singapore company who develop social networking apps. Here, I’m not only response for SEO, but also ASO (App Store Optimization) and ORM (Online Reputation Management). That’s why this website is not only SEO, but also ORM and ASO.

One of the things I enjoy most about SEO is that it’s never boring. There’s always something to test and there’s always something more to learn. Now, I decide to choose SEO as my career.


My Goal

I’m keep learning SEO and so much of my skills are self-taught through experience and trial-and-error over 7 years. Now, I decided to put my knowledge to use for myself and others, so I started the website.

My Goal is help YOU and ME to understand more about SEO, ASO and ORM, and I’ve personally written these articles to pass on the knowledge.

SEO is a career of life-long learning. I want to ask myself SEO questions every day and put my knowledge, opinions, findings and even questions here to communicate with other SEOers and online marketers here. Also, I’ll happy if the Blog can really help you.

Help People

Contact Me

You can contact me if you want to give me the feedback or exchange opinions. Also, you can contact me if you need SEO consulting services (White Hat Only). I prefer to focus on Accessibility, Brand, Trust, and Authority – maximizing SEO’s potential for long term ROI.

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