Boost Your App Organic Downloads with Vivo App Store

V-Appstore? What the hell is that? You’ve never heard of it? It might be more important than you think… ? in this article, we will see what it is and how to publish and promote an app or game on V-Appstore.

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Part 1: What Is Vivo App Store?

The V-Appstore is a default app download service provided by Vivo mobile, the famous Chinese phone manufacturer.  Using this Google Play alternative store you can explore and download apps on VIVO smartphones easily.

The V-Appstore is broken down into different navigation tabs. Such as the Home, App, Game, Rankings, and ME. The Home tab lets you see all the latest apps that might relate to your interests set by previous search terms and history. App tab is further broken down into Top Apps, Category, and Education. Then you have a dedicated game tab that lets you explore all the latest games that can be sorted according to their genre and category. The rankings tab has all the apps lined up according to their popularity with the users.

Vivo App Store

Part 2: Why Vivo App Store is Important to App Developers?

There are two main reasons why V-Appstore is important to App developers. One is for Vivo is one of the top 5 mobile phone manufactures in the world and the other is for that V-Appstore have attained 5.8 billion cumulative online downloads which is astonishing.

1. VIVO Ranks Top-Five Mobile Phone Manufacturers Worldwide

Having maintained remarkable business growth momentum in overseas markets despite global economic turbulence inflicted by the pandemic, VIVO ranks among the top-five mobile phone manufacturers worldwide according to the Counterpoint Global Smartphone Market Q2 2022 Report.

Global Smartphone Market Share

2. V-Appstore Have Attained 5.8 Billion Cumulative Online Downloads

Owing to the in-depth collaborative relationships formed with a multitude of ecosystem partners at home and abroad, vivo has established distribution channels across South-East Asia and Europe in more than 50 countries, combining for over 130 million overseas vivo device user accounts. Simultaneously, users of the international V-Appstore have exceeded 100 million registered accounts and attained 5.8 billion cumulative online downloads.

Part 3: Who is V-App Store for?

Vivo develops distribution network across many countries and districts in the world and its distribution mainly covers South Asia and most countries in Southeast Asia with key advantages in Indonesia and Thailand.

According to IDC Q2 2022 data, Vivo took the third spot in terms of smartphone shipments in Indonesia with a 17.8% market share.

Indonesia Smartphone Market Share

Also, Vivo took the third spot in terms of smartphone shipments in Thailand with a 14.8% market share.

Thailand Smartphone Market Share

Therefore, if you want to promote your apps or games in Indonesia, Thailand and India, V-Appstore is for you.

Part 4: How to Create Vivo Store Account and Publish Your Android App for Free?

Step 1. Register

1).Click “Sign up” at the right corner of Vivo developer homepage. On the Registration page, fill in your email address and the verification code you receive in the email, and then enter your username and password and confirm the password. After verification, click the “Register” button to complete registration and then automatically sign in to the “Complete Account Info” page.

Vivo developer Registration

2). After entering the account information page, you need to fill in the account information following the on-screen instructions and upload Certificates. As a corporate developer, you need to submit a clear copy of your business license issued by local authorities, other legitimate certificates of company registration, or a screenshot of your app list on the Google Developers Console. 

Fill In the Account Information

3). Wait for audit result. It takes 1 to 2 working days for Vivo to verify the registration of a developer account.

4). After successful registration, you can sign in to your account.

Step 2. Create Apps and Games

1. After signing in to your account successfully, click “Console” in the upper right corner of the platform homepage to enter the Management Center.

Vivo Console

2. Click “Create Application” in the upper right corner.

3. Fill in the “Title”, select the “Type” of your app as “Application”, fill in the “Package Name”, and then click “Next” to proceed.

4. Upload your app’s package body (must not exceed 3 GB).

5. Select the countries or regions where you want to distribute the app and then select the language information.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to fill in the app name, upload the icon and app screenshots, and fill in app details and update notes.

Note: If you select multiple languages, please fill in the product information for each language.

Fill in App Information

7. Select the appropriate genre for your app.

 8. Follow the on-screen instructions to fill in your email address and then click “Next” to proceed.

9. Confirm the distribution countries and regions of your app based on your choice in the previous step.

10. Age rating: Select your IARC app classification. 

11. Scheduled publishing: You can select when you want your app to be published – immediately after it is approved, or at a specified time. After this is done, click “Submit review” to submit your application.

Step 3. Review

After the application is submitted, the vivo platform will review your app, and you can view the result on this page:

App Review

Step 4. Release

If the app status is “available”, you have successfully uploaded your app and can maintain the app on the platform at any time!

Part 5: How to Promote Your App in Vivo App Store to Get More Downloads?

Promotional activities through the overseas V-Appstore have been known to reach a record high of 50,000 purchase conversions in a single day. Short video creation & sharing platform “Likee” saw a 10x download surge.

Here you can take a look at the “V-Star” Apps Promotion Program.

“V-Star” Apps Promotion Program is launched for developers who want to promote their products on Vivo Appstore(V-Appstore) for free. By offering free exposure featuring, the program could introduce more Vivo smartphone users to the shortlisted application/game products.

Apply Requirements:

  • For Apps: Newly-uploaded app. Apps should be uploaded to Vivo developer platform no more than 3 months before application (3 months before the day when application E-mail was sent, updated versions of apps are not included).
  • For Games: 1) Games that will release or already released on the market. 2) Sign a joint operations service agreement with Vivo.
"V-Star" Apps Promotion Program

For more kinds of promotion and cooperation, you can contact the BD of Vivo.


In short, V-Appstore is still, for most of us, something quite new that we need to familiarize with as it is noticeably growing and more and more apps and games are being developed for this store.

We hope this article enables you to understand more V-Appstore and makes you want to have a try at developing and optimizing there. And, most importantly, we hope you make your app or game a success with Vivo App Store.

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