Boost Your App Downloads with OPPO App Market Store

Though OPPO is a leading mobile phone brand in China, it also has a huge user base in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand and even Europe.

Today, let’s learn how to publish apps on OPPO App Market Store to promote apps and games in Asia and Europe. Trust me, OPPO is really a great resource for user growth.

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Part 1: What Is OPPO App Market Store?

OPPO APP Market is official application download and management platform released by OPPO, which is perfectly integrated with OPPO mobile phones.

It allows us to explore a huge catalog of applications and video games that we can download to OPPO phone. Based on billion-level users, OPPO APP Market also provides developers with powerful distribution capabilities.

OPPO App Market Store

Part 2: Why OPPO App Store is Important to App Developers?

1. OPPO’s Market Share is Growing

OPPO ranked 4th in 2022 Q2 with 28.2 million units shipped for 10% market share. The vendor benefitted from Huawei’s decline in several markets. Its A series helped drive the growth. Regionally, India & China both continue to deliver massive growth year over year in its low-end models under $200.

Global Smartphone Market Share

2. Huge App Distributions

As per the company, the ColorOS monthly active users have exceeded 500 million all over the world. The ColorOS userbase is expected to increase even further this year considering that it has a couple of major phone launches in the pipeline.

Considering ColorOS 500 million users relative to the 4 billion smartphone users globally, one in eight people around the world uses ColorOS.

Part 3: Who is OPPO App Store for?

OPPO App Market Store is mainly for developers who want to promote their apps and games in India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Europe.

According to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, smartphone shipments in Indonesia reached 9.5 million units in 2Q22. OPPO was in first place with 20.6% market share.

The share of OPPO in the mobile phone market across India in 2022 Q2 was around 11%.

 IDC’s “Handsets Summary Pakistan Q3 2020” report, OPPO achieved 12.3% market share in the country.

Handsets Summary Pakistan Q3 2020

OPPO remains the biggest BBK brand in Europe. It saw an 82% increase in shipments in 2020 over 2019 which upped its market share to 4% in 2020.

OPPO Europe

Part 4: How to Create OPPO Store Account and Publish Your Android App for Free?

Step 1. Register

Register with OPPO Developers to access a wide array of capabilities and services for building high-quality apps.

Register with OPPO Developers

Step 2. Upload App

1)You can publish your app after you have registered on OPPO Developers. From the OPPO Developers homepage, click “Management Center”:

2)Click “Add” to fill in your app name and package name

3)The app is in a pre-published state. You need to click ‘Publish’ to fill in the basic information. As long as the app has not been published, the records of the pre-published app can be deleted.

4) Click “Upload” and select the APK or OBB file of your app. Once uploaded, the package name and app name will be parsed automatically.

5)Select the countries where the app would be distributed, and select the languages to fill in the corresponding App Information. 

Fill App Information

6)Click “Fill in the information” to edit the App information (fields marked with “*” are required). 

7)Upload the App’s icon and screen shots  

  • Icon: Should be the same as the one in the installation package. Size: 512*512px; Format: PNG, smaller than 1 M 
  • Screen shots: Please upload 3 to 5 screen shots. JPG and PNG formats are supported. Screen shot size: 1080*1920.The size of a single picture should be no more than 1M.

8) Upload the App’s software copyright certification documents or screen shots of the app on the Google Play Console.

9) Select the content rating for your App, to inform consumers, especially parents, of the appropriate age range for this app. 

10) After entering all information, click “Submit” to proceed to the review process

Step 3. Review

It takes 1-2 working days for OPPO Developers to complete the review process. Please be patient.

If your app failed to pass the review, please modify it according to the rejection reasons given by the reviewers and upload it again. Here’s the OPPO Review Guidelines for Apps & Games.

If you do not receive review results after 3 working days, you can send an appeal email to 

Step 4. Publish

When your app or game is proved by the reviewer, publish it.

Part 5: How to Promote Your App in OPPO App Store to Get More Downloads?

According to OPPO Market’s evaluation of candidate apps, there are opportunities to obtain different high-exposure locations, such as splash, banner, Home Big Banner, hot search, etc., and more high-quality resource positions will continue to open. 

1.App Reviews Promotion 

App Reviews is an award from OPPO Market for high-quality apps. It selects the best quality apps based on a series of criteria. OPPO provides tens of millions of exposure resource promotion for award-winning resources to attract users to download & experience apps.

Application Standards & Requirements 

  • Apply for two weeks in advance via email
  • If the review fails, it takes 45 days to reapply for the same app. The approved app cannot be applied again. 
  • App with no version problems can be applied to App Reviews. 
  • If you participate in this event, you agree that the APP Market will use this promotion (your app name, logo, promotion materials, promotion data, etc.) as a case for the promotion of each event in the APP Market, and we will inform you before each use. 
OPPO App Reviews Promotion

2. HeyFun (For Games Only)

HeyFun is pre-installed in the mobile phone system and supports game accesses from various portals including the Browser, App Market, Game Center, Research, leftmost screen, Lock screen, and Voice Assistant. These entrances cover a lot of usage scenarios, helping us reach users to a maximum extent. In addition, HeyFun supports desktop shortcuts and game accesses from push notifications, which is a great advantage in game promotion through HeyFun.


3. OPPO Ads

All the OPPO smartphones which run on ColorOS comes with a setting called recommendations which means that you can run Ads to promote your App on OPPO.


Don’t miss OPPO App market to promote your apps and games! After publishing your app on OPPO, Share your experience with us.

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