Boost Your App Downloads with Xiaomi App Store (GetApps)

When it comes to ASO, we naturally turn our attention to Apple App Store and Google Play. However, the reality is that the Xiaomi App Store, OPPO App Store, Vivo App Store, Huawei AppGallery and Galaxy Store are being more and more important.

If you want to get more users for your apps or games, you should take advantage of these third-party android stores. To be honest, the apps in my company have taken advantage of these App stores and get a lot more downloads free or much cheaper. That’s why I decide to write a series posts about these App Stores for Android, and today we will start with Xiaomi App Store (GetApps).

In this post, you will get a basic understanding of Xiaomi and Xiaomi App Store. More importantly, you’ll learn how to publish and promote your app in Xiaomi GetApps.

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Part 1: What Is Xiaomi App Store (GetApps)?

The Mi GetApps is Xiaomi’s Google Play Store alternative. It comes pre-installed on all Xiaomi phones that ship with MIUI Android skin. Now it is supporting developers in China, India, Indonesia, Russia and Spain. More possibilities in EU, CIS, and Southeast Asia are under discover.

Similar to the Google Play Store, GetApps app store has categories and sections such as games, social media, communication, photography, finance, and more. Popular apps such as TikTok, PUBG, VSCO and others are available here.

In addition to offering us a multitude of free applications and games, GetApps has an interesting section called “Today”. From this, the most outstanding application of the day is added so that we discover in a quite interesting way the most useful applications for our Xiaomi.

Xiaomi App Store

Part 2: Why Xiaomi App Store is Important to App Developers?

There are two main reasons why app developers should pay attention to Xiaomi GetApps.

Firstly, Xiaomi GetApps has generated a substantial number of downloads. By August 2020, the global distribution of GetApps has exceeded 43.5 billion, with active users in China, India, Indonesia, Russia and Spain. The total Daily Active Users in India, Indonesia and Russia has also exceeded 20 million. At the same time, GetApps is also actively preparing to enter regions such as Europe, Southeast Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Secondly, Xiaomi has a large market share in the world. According to Counterpoint, Xiaomi eclipses 50 million smartphones, becoming the world’s second-largest smartphone brand for the first time ever in 2021 Q2. In Q3 2021, Xiaomi shipped 44.4 million units, down 5% YoY and 15% QoQ as it was severely hit by the ongoing component shortages.

All in all, there are many users are using Xiaomi’s phone where GetApps is pre-installed by default. You should not miss the chance to upload your apps to GetApps for reaching more users and getting more downloads.

Global Smartphone Market Share

Part 3: Who is Xiaomi App Store for?

As we mentioned above, Xiaomi App Store is only supporting developers in China, India, Indonesia, Russia and Spain at present. So, if you are planning to promote your apps or games in these markets, you should not miss out Xiaomi App Store.

In India, Xiaomi ranked No.1 for the 16th consecutive quarter in the third quarter of 2021 in terms of smartphone shipments, with a market share of 23%, according to Counterpoint. 

In Russia, Xiaomi overtakes Samsung for online smartphone sales in Q1 2021. Xiaomi accounted for 31% of Russia’s online smartphone sales, up from 20.5% a year ago, according to Counterpoint Research.

Also, since Samsung and Apple exited Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, in July 2022, Xiaomi and its sub-brand POCO combined accounted for 42% of the Russian smartphone market, ranking first in terms of sales volume.

In particular, Xiaomi’s smartphone shipments in Spain ranked No.1 for the 4th consecutive quarter with a market share of 27%. Additionally, the Group’s smartphone shipments increased by 86.2% in France, by 61.6% in Italy and by 139.8% in Germany, all on a year-over-year basis in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Xiaomi Europe

Part 4: How to Create MI Store Account and Publish Your Android App for Free?

So because of the big opportunity, let’s talk about how to publish your app or game on Mi App Store for free.

Step 1. Create Account

Mi Account is the account to access Xiaomi services, such as Xiaomi’s Mi Developer Console, Xiaomi Phones, Mail and other Xiaomi equipment.

You can go to Registration Website to create an account. After login the Developer Console, you could start the journey by Become a Mi Developer

Sign In  to Xiaomi

Step 2. Upload

  1. Go to Mi Developer Console, then click “Distribute” and log in/sign up
  2. Click “Create Application”.
  3. Set default language, app name and package name, and click “Create”.
  4. Complete app information for app’s default language, such as app name, short description, full description and keywords. Then, upload app icon and app screenshots.
  5. If the app is to be distributed to multiple countries, you need to complete app information for more languages. Main languages required in each country:

(1)Mainland China – Chinese

(2)India – Hindi/English

(3)Indonesia – Indonesian/English

(4)Russia – Russian/ English

(5)Spain – Spanish/English

6. Upload APK, fill in version name, and save draft.
7. Set distribution countries, release time, review information and services, and save draft.
8. Click “publish”. If the button is gray and NOT clickable, it means there is still something needs to be completed. please check steps above to see what you have missed.

Publish App in Xiaomi App Store

Step 3. Submit for Review

The review will be completed within 3 working days and an inform letter will be sent to your Mi Account email address.

Step 4. Publish

If your app has been approved, just publish it.

If your app has been rejected, please check and modify according to the review result and try again.

Part 5: How to Promote Your App in Xiaomi App Store to Get More Downloads?

After publishing your app on Xiaomi App Store, you can do more to promote your app. You can contact the Xiaomi to promote your app in “Today”, banner, push, review, themes and more without paying.

Here is an examples of ICQ in Russia. By promoting with banner, push and review, its downloads increased 11264%.

ICQ in Mi Store

If you’re willing to place ads, promote apps, or distribute games on Xiaomi App Store, you can contact them with following contacts.




China& India& AmericaDaisy
Indonesia& Southeast AsiaDaisy

Mi Ads



If you want to boost your app downloads in India, Indonesia, Russia and Spain, then start to publish and promote your app in Xiaomi app store immediately. Also, if you encounter difficulties for doing so, you can contact me for help.  

I await good news from you.

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