Google Play Pending Publication: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re publishing an app for the first time or making an update on Google Play, Google will review the app before they are published. What make developers frustrated is that they’ve seen their own updates delayed for multiple days without any notification.

Then, when your app is “Pending Publication”, what you can do? How long does pending publication take on Google Play and Why does play store say pending? This post may answer all these questions.

How Long Does Pending Publication Take On Google Play

It usually takes hours (1 to 2 hours) to approve (by google) and publish your app on play store for downloads. However, from Google Play Console help article, it also says:

Note: For certain developer accounts, we’ll take more time to thoroughly review your app to help better protect users. This may result in review times of up to seven days or longer in exceptional cases. You’ll receive a notification on your app’s Dashboard about how long this should take.  

So, it will take hours, days or even longer to made your app approved by Google. The dilemma is that many developers say that their apps have been delayed for 7 days without any notification of how long they still need to wait.

Pending Publication

Why Does Play Store Say Pending?

There are many reasons why you are app is pending. Here we list some most common reasons.

  1. Due to Covid-19 and Google’s adjusted work schedules at this time, you may experience longer than usual review times for your app.
  2. All developers go through reviews, but established high-traffic developers will often get faster approvals.
  3. App updates are usually approved faster than new apps.
  4. Some categories of apps may be undergoing stricter scrutiny.
  5. There is something may against Google Policy and they will spend more time to confirm it.

How to Deal With Google Play “Pending Publication”?

Officially, different from Apple App Store, there is no way to expedite the review process on Google play. However, there are actually some ways to help you deal with Google Play pending publication issue and make your app published faster.

  1. If you want your new app published faster, you should publish as alpha before. Publishing as alpha is necessary for testing in App billing and no one will see your application on alpha except your testers. When it comes to publish on production (normal publishing everyone can see this version), you should just upgrade from alpha to production and that’s it. Your application will be live on 1 hour or less.
  2. If your app has been delayed more than 7 days, we suggest you to contact Google Developer Support Team. Then, you will get a reply.
  3. Though it is not recommended by Google, you can resubmit your app. In my experience, this method is helpful.

This is all you need to know about Google Play Pending Publication. If you meet the same problem, please share your experience in the comments and tell us which method is worked for you.

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