5 Best Social Media Competitor Analytics Tools in 2023

Do you want to improve your social media marketing by doing competitor analytics?

Social media competitor analysis is a type of analysis that is prepared by examining social media competitors’ performance.

There are many tools to help you manage your social media, but less in helping you determine what’s working for you and your competitors, what isn’t working and why.

In this post, you’ll get 5 best social media competitor analytics tools to compare your social media presence with your competitors’.

1.    Sociality.io – Most Cost-Effective

With Sociality.io, you can prepare your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube competitor analysis reports in a few minutes. You can measure your own performance with your competitor’s detailed fan and interaction charts, analyze competing page content with comparative reports and review your own content strategy.

Main Features

  • Schedule posts and maintain the approval process via Sociality.io
  • Engage with comments and direct messages by replying, liking, deleting them.
  • Generate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube competitor analysis reports on one platform, within minutes.
  • Track conversations about your brand and competitors on various news, blog and social media platforms.

Pricing Details

There are three plans available:

Personal: $18 Per Month (1 User, 5 Social Profiles)

Team: $72 Per Month (2 Users, 10 Social Profiles)

Business: $216 Per Month (3 Users, 15 Social Profiles)

Sociality.io Price

2.    Socialbakers – Most Features

Socialbakers is one of the world’s largest social media statistics portals offering in-depth analysis of social media. This platform is being used by many distinguished brands such as Samsung and L’Oreal, to manage their social media accounts in different social networks. It supports many social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

One of the biggest strengths of Socialbakers is the analytics they provide for their clients to assess their progress. It has an impressive analytics panel that not only gives you your account’s statistics but also lets you compare yourself with your competitors in different aspects. Knowing the weaknesses of your page helps you resolve them and, consequently, grow your page. 

Main Features

  • Managing multiple accounts in one screen
  • Use AI to discover client’s marketing personas 
  • Pay attention to market trends to gain insights into the audience, the competition, and overall market
  • Benchmark the performance of your organic posts, videos, and ad costs against the industry, country or region to get a more complete picture of your market standing.

Pricing Details

The most critical problem that many current users and new people who are looking for a managing tool have is their high prices. Many businesses don’t need all those professional features, especially small and medium-sized companies, and can’t afford the costs of using Socialbakers. 

Socialbakers offers several different plans for customers:

  • Essential, $240/mo ($200/mo billed annually) — Straight-up social media marketing and management for 5 users and 10 social profiles. Includes Content Management, Scheduling, and Publishing, Analytics, and mobile app for accessing all these features on the go.
  • Smart, priced on request — All of the above for 20 users and up to 30 social profiles, plus: Sentiment Analysis, Approval Workflow, Community Management, and Custom Dashboards.
  • Scale, priced on request — All of the above for unlimited users and up to 100 social profiles, plus: Cloud Storage Integration, Automated Content Labeling, Marketing Persona Mapping, Performance Optimisation, Influencer Marketing
  • Integrated 360, priced on request — For those managing 100 or more social profiles, this plan offers all features, plus access to “a holistic 360 view of your digital marketing.” 
Socialbakers Price

3.    Fanpage Karma – For Small Business without Budget

Fanpage Karma  is an all-in-one social media analysis platform that helps you manage your all the social media account as well as spy on your competitors. It will analyze your and your competitors’ accounts across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Specifically, this tool tracks engagement, growth, most-used content sources and keywords, top posts, frequency, engagement by day and time, post type and supporters, among other metrics.

What I love about this tool is that it provides more detailed performance metrics of your brand against competitor brands in nicely visualized charts, tables and word clouds. It also provides insights on posting strategies and performance of social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Main Features

  • Online analytics for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Create dashboards and benchmarks for your own social media profiles and those of competitors.
  • Instant reports (Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) and email updates.
  • Analyze an unlimited number of profiles.
  • Plan, write and publish posts.
  • Find influencers and trends.
Fanpage Karma

Pricing Details

Fanpage Karma can be used for free with limited features. Also, when you first sign up for an account, you will have 15-day free trial period with full features.

If you find this tool is helpful, you can buy it. Fanpage Karma pricing starts at 49€ as a flat rate, per month.

4.    Socialinsider – Especially Useful for Monitor TikTok

This social media competitive tool is an analytics tool for agencies, businesses, entrepreneurs or freelancers. Like many other social media tools in this list, Socialinsider can also compare the performance of your social media campaigns against those of your competition.

It offers data on what you and your competitors are doing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. It provides analytics for aspects such as content performance, engagement metrics, and the growth over time of their audience.

Main Features

  • Explore in-depth insights for any social media profile.
  • Perform competitive analysis in minutes across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.
  • Branded reports in seconds.
  • Validate your social media efforts with reliable data, share the performance with your team and clients.
  • Win pitches and maximize the revenue per client by driving engagement, improving the content strategy, and creating automated reports with ease.

Pricing Details

  • Social Media Manager: $59 per month.
  • Small Agency: $99 per month.
  • Agency: $199 per month.

All plans have 14-day free trial.

5.    Rival IQ

Rival IQ delivers analytics and competitive intelligence to help digital marketers make informed decisions, improve results, and better understand competitors. Using benchmarks and comparative analysis, Rival IQ enables digital marketers to uncover new opportunities, identify trends, and track results across all the main social channels and the web.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive metrics and profile and post tracking on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Track all your organic and paid social performance in one place across all your channels.
  • Compare your social performance against your full industry, or go head-to-head with your #1 rival with customizable landscapes and company filters.
  • Powerful tools including hashtag analytics, popular topics, post times, media types, keyword search, and more.
Rival IQ

Pricing Details

Rival IQ is available as SaaS software. Costs start at $199.00/month.

The Wrap-Up

There you have it. Now you are prepared to conduct effective social media competitor analysis and, most importantly, improve your own digital marketing game through the power of market knowledge. We hope this list has been helpful.

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