17 Snapchat Statistics & Facts You Need to Know in 2022

When Snapchat was launched, teens and young adults embraced the app. Now, Snapchat continues to grow as one of the most popular social media platforms and marketing mediums.

In this post, we’ll be taking you to some of important snapchat statistics and facts that you need to know for your business.

The latest Snapchat statistics show that the camera and messaging app not only still holds its own against Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, but that it also continues to improve, boosting its popularity and growing its market share. 

Let’s check how it evolves.

Snapchat User Statistics

#1. How Many People Use Snapchat?

There are 290+ million Daily Active Snapchat users (Snapchat, 2021). This marks an increase of 55 million, or 23%, year-over-year. 

There has been an impressive gradual growth in the number of Snapchat users over the years, and the trend isn’t changing any time soon.  

Fast forward to Q2 2021, the total number of DAU in the rest of the world shot up by a whopping 56% year-over-year to hit 120 million. In contrast, there were only 95 million DAUs in North America and 78 million in Europe. 

Snapchat DAU

#2. Is Snapchat Still Popular in 2021?

Snapchat is the world’s 12th most-popular social media platform.

In July 2020, Facebook was the most-popular platform, with more than 2.85 billion monthly active users. YouTube and WhatsApp were the second and third most-popular platforms respectively.

Snapchat, with 514 million active monthly users, sits in 12th. This Snapchat usage statistic shows Snapchat is more popular than Pinterest and Twitter.

Snapchat MAU

Snapchat Demographics

#3. How Old Is the Average Snapchat User?

20.3% of Snapchat users are under 18, and 58% of users are under 25 years old. The largest Snapchat age demographic, however, is 25- to 34-year-olds. Around 16.6 % of users are over 35 years of age.

Snapchat Age

#4. What Percentage of Snapchat Users Are Female?

54 percent of Snapchat audiences were female and 41.9 percent were male (Statista, 2021).

Snapchat Gender

#5. What Countries Use Snapchat the Most?

As of July 2021, the United States had the biggest Snapchat user base in the world, with an audience of 105.25 million users. India ranked in second place with a Snapchat audience base of 99.8 million users.

Snapchat Country

Snapchat Usage Statistics 

#6. Over 5 Billion Snaps Created Every Day

Snapchat statistics show that every single day people create around 5 billion snaps in 2021. That is way more than 2017 data when there were approximately 3.5 billion photos and videos per day.  

Over 5 Billion Snaps Created Every Day

#7. On Average, Snapchatters Open the App More Than 30 Times Per Day

The average daily active user accesses the Snapchat camera more than 30 times per day (Snapchat, 2021).   

Snapchat App Open Times

#8. Over 200 Million Snapchatters Engage with AR

In the second quarter of 2021, Snapchat found that investing in its various augmented reality (AR) features paid off. On average, more than 200 million Snapchatters engage with AR each day. That’s around 68% of Snapchatters using Snapchat AR each day.

Snapchat AR

#9. Snapchat Spotlight Already Has 100 Million Monthly Users

In December,2020, Snap made a big bet on UGC for the launch of Spotlight, distributing $1 million a day to top creators trying out the app’s new feature.

And in January, 2021, Snapchat Spotlight already has more than 100 million monthly users.

Snapchat Spotlight

#10. 30 Million Snapchatters Play Snap Games Each Month On Average

Recent Snapchat stats also show that this social media platform is popular for gaming. Around 30 million Snapchatters play games each month on average.

 Snapchat Game

#11. Over 2 Million Lenses Created On Snapchat

Snapchat’s lenses are one of its users’ favorite features. By the end of Q2 2021, Snapchat users had created more than 2 million lenses. And, there are more than 200,000 active Lens creators globally.

 Snapchat Lenses

#12. 250+ Million Users Check Snap Maps Monthly

Snap Maps allows users to share their location with friends, as well as view their Bitmoji on a map. A heat map is created for specific areas, and stories can be created for special events. The purpose of this feature is to easily locate your friends, see what’s happening around your area, and explore museums, sporting events, and more. 

Now, over 250 million Snapchatters and 30 million businesses use the feature monthly.

 Snap Map

Snapchat Business and Advertising Statistics

#13. Snapchat Ads Can Potentially Reach 513.9 Million People

The potential audience that can be reached with adverts on Snapchat is 513.9 million, which is 8.4% of the total population aged 13+. 

Nearly half (48.4 percent) of its users come from North America and Europe. Specifically, 194 million are in North America and 166 million in Europe.

Snapchat Ads Can Potentially Reach 513.9 Million People

#14. 64% Of Businesses Leverage Snapchat

Snapchat has 293M daily active users and, as such, is a marketing goldmine for advertisers. Businesses can use Snapchat in multiple ways to promote their brand and increase sales – from using sponsored geo-filters and video content to leveraging influencers. Big brands that have used or are using Snapchat for promotional activities include Nike, Audi, and Cisco.

#15. Snapchat Ads Can Potentially Reach 55.7% Of Saudi Arabia’s Population

Snapchat statistics by country reveal that ads on the platform can potentially reach 55.7% of Saudi Arabia’s population. 

Snapchat Saudi Arabia

#16. Snapchat’s Advertising Revenue Will Reach $2.62 Billion by The End of 2021

As Snapchat’s user base continues to grow, more businesses are recognizing the platform’s value and start to invest in advertising on it. Snapchat advertising statistics indicate that by the end of 2021, the platform’s advertising revenue will total $2.62 billion, up from $1.53 billion in 2019.

#17. Snapchatters Hold $4.4 Trillion in Global Spending Power

The Snapchat Generation represents a new kind of shopper, one willing to immerse themselves in stories and experiences, and use the latest tech to their advantage. As a group, Snapchatters hold a whopping $4.4 trillion in global spending power. They’re willing to outspend non-Snapchatters on common purchases across every retail and service category. They consider big and small brands in equal measure. 1 in 2 say they like to learn the backstory of brands and products they buy. And they’re 3X more likely than non-Snapchatters to say they’re using AR more than they did last year to try on products. Brands that craft compelling narratives and cutting-edge experiences can forge a strong connection with this generation. 

Snapchatters Hold $4.4 Trillion in Global Spending Power

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the stats highlighted above, Snapchat has undergone considerable growth over the years. It is still beloved by the young and remains the social platform of choice for Generation Z. Also, brands are widely using Snapchat for advertising, and it’s working.

If you are a common user, you probably want to join in the party after reading this. And, if you are a marketer, you’ll be more confident exploring and experimenting on Snapchat.

Whether you want your small business to perform better or simply have fun, you can take advantage of Snapchat.

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