Top 10 ASO (App Store Optimization) Tools in 2023 to Improve Ranking

App Store Optimization (aka ASO) is a favored strategy for app developers as it is a key driver of organic and overall app success. It is the process of optimizing a mobile app’s keywords, title, icon, screenshots, description, video, reviews and more to rank it higher on app stores.

There are a number of App Store Optimization tools that help the developers to attain a higher ranking in the app store search algorithm. Check out the top 10 ASO tools which will propel your app to new heights.

1. AppTweak

AppTweak is a Belgium-based ASO tool, founded in 2013 by Olivier Verdin and Sebastien Dellis. AppTweak provides general ASO services, with unique features that include a percentage stack that shows keyword download contribution margins over time and monitoring top keywords by rank gain/loss.

Key features of AppTweak ASO tools:

  • Increase your app visibility & organic downloads
  • Spy on your competitor’s search ads strategy
  • Monitor your app performance across markets
  • Research new opportunities for growth
  • Automate reporting with our API
AppTweak ASO tools

2. Sensor Tower

Similar to other products, Sensor Tower’s ASO tool enables you to analyze user reviews, the results of being a “featured” app, daily sales and app usage analytics, category and keyword ranking, detailed analysis on the competition, etc.

Key features of Sensor Tower ASO tools:

  • Keyword optimization and translation;
  • Keyword spy;
  • App Analysis: App Revenue Estimates & More
  • Competitor tracking.
Sensor Tower ASO tools

3. SplitMetrics

SplitMetrics is an advanced ASO App A/B testing tool trusted by such brands as Rovio and Reddit. This platform allows you to A/B test your App Store and Google Play app pages and discover the content elements that get you conversions.

Key features of SplitMetrics ASO tools:

  • Comprehensive app page audit that helps you pinpoint the bottlenecks and growth areas.
  • Optimize your app page with a test web page before going live.
  • Test all elements of your app page, search ads, and category.
  • See how users interact with your app description, screenshots, video, etc.
  • Integrate with your marketing tools for a stronger ASO effect.
SplitMetrics ASO tools

4. Mobile Action

Mobile Action was started in 2013 by CEO Aykut Karaalioglu as an ASO and app marketing agency. Its keyword Explorer tool allows you to easily find trending apps and search phrases, and identify popular keywords. You can then input the results for quick evaluation. It allows you to see what apps are displayed in the app stores for any keyword you search. They also provide long-tail keyword suggestions based on your searches on the right. The best part is it allows you to see the percentage of organic downloads each keyword your app ranks for.

Key features of Mobile Action ASO tools:

  • Search ad-intelligence
  • Competitor tracking
  • Keyword tracking
  • Compile a complete ASO report
  • App update timeline localization
Mobile Action ASO

5. App Radar

Another great ASO tool is App Radar. One of the features that makes it unique is the keyword history tracker and changelog. It allows you to go back and see what the ranking was X days ago and what changed to drive your results. This is an ideal solution for genres that rotate keywords frequently. Moreover, you can measure your app’s performance and monitor conversion rates and see all necessary ASO related performance data on one screen with their innovative UI and UX.

Key features of App Radar ASO tools:

  • Analyze & edit app store information and rankings
  • AI backed ASO health checkup of apps
  • Mobile search tracking
  • Measure the app’s performance and monitor conversion rates
  • ASO Academy educational resource
App Radar ASO

6. App Annie

Appannie provides a broad suite of products, primarily focusing on competitive/market intelligence. However, it also does well in ASO. App Annie’s freebie version is perfect for tracking your apps performance in terms of keyword rankings, ratings and reviews. You can also use this version to check out what keywords your competitors are ranking for, making this the ideal tool for keyword research as it points you exactly in the right direction of what keywords you should be going after for you own app. With the premium version, you can unlock a huge amount of data and analytics on every major mobile app that could be extremely helpful for your ASO. For example, keyword search volume, difficulty and traffic share, estimates for downloads and revenue, usage estimates, app audience estimates and much more.

Key features of App Annie ASO tools:

  • Keyword and competitor tracking
  • Advanced search filters
  • Connect the app store sales, usage, and advertising accounts
  • Download and revenue estimates
  • Analyze keyword rankings
  • App store tracking: Top charts, Rank History, App details

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 App Annie ASO tools

7. AppFollow

If you have a mobile app, you need AppFollow. AppFollow delivers your critical data around reviews, user sentiment, keywords and search result positions straight to email, Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, Helpshift, Intercom and 30 more integrations.

Key features of AppFollow ASO tools:

  • Keyword research automation using real-time data with difficulty score and other keyword metrics
  • Optimization insights on app visibility
  • Organic Traffic Dashboard with major KPIs
  • Reply to user reviews directly in email, dashboard, Slack or other integrations
  • One place to monitor app performance, star ratings, user reviews, and organic growth.
AppFollow ASO tools

8. Appfigures

Appfigures grows your downloads with powerful ASO tools for keyword research and analysis, keyword rank monitoring, and competitor tracking.

Key features of Appfigures ASO tools:

  • Use AI to discover relevant keywords to improve your ASO
  • Compare your app against any competitor side-by-side
  • Find out exactly what it takes to rank well in a keyword
  • Follow hourly keyword rank trends for any keyword across countries
  • Find keywords where your app is ranked automatically
  • Reply to important reviews to increase customer satisfaction
  • Analyze revenue from app downloads and in-app purchases
Appfigures ASO tools

9. Gummicube

Gummicube is another excellent ASO tool. It helps you improve app store visibility by ranking for the right keywords. With Gummicube’s data and algorithms, you can improve every element of app store optimization – app title, app keywords, app description, app logo, app screenshots, ratings and reviews.

Key features of Gummicube ASO tools:

  • App focus group service
  • On-page (content) optimization
  • A/B multivariate testing
  • Ratings and reviews
  • App logo and screenshots
Gummicube ASO tools

10.  ASOdesk

ASOdesk helps to increase your app or game visibility and organic downloads on the App Store and Google Play to grow your business

Key features of ASOdesk:

  • Check your app’s ranking across keywords and analyze keywords performance
  • Track your app’s positions in categories and top charts
  • Get insights about your competitors’ ASO, and use this in your strategy to improve
  • Localization – Expand your app globally with minimum effort and time
  • Get the most accurate data about where any app gets downloads from keywords and find useful insights

What is the Best ASO Tool?

I hope this list of ASO tools is helpful. Then, what is the best ASO tool? I hope you can do your own research and see what features best serve your needs. Personally, I use AppTweak as my ASO tool.

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