App Annie Alternatives & Competitors: Find the Top Mobile App Intelligence Tools

App Annie is a famous provider of a mobile data and analytics platform supporting the entire app lifecycle. At present, I’m a subscriber of App Annie. However, to get as much as data I need to grow my app, I’m also a subscriber of other mobile App analytics tools.

App Annie is expensive and you don’t always need it! To help you decide which Mobile App Intelligence tools to choose, I have put together a list of top 10 App Annie alternatives and competitors that can help you take your app to the next level!

1.     Sensor Tower – The Best App Annie Alternative

Both App Annie and Sensor Tower are comprehensive mobile app intelligence tools. Both platforms provide:

  • App Profiles for every app in the App Store & Google Play Store including descriptions and screenshots
  • App Review Analysis
  • Daily Rankings
  • App Featuring Insights
  • ASO Keywords
  • Competitive Analysis for Keyword Strategies and more
  • App Updates/Timeline
  • App Downloads
  • App Revenue
  • Publisher Downloads
  • Publisher Revenue
  • Number of Active Users
  • Session Metrics
  • Retention
  • Time Spent
  • User Demographics
  • Data by Country and Region
  • Data by Device
  • Data by Category
  • App Overlap
  • Active and Past Ad Creatives

App Annie offers data about applications listed in app stores, including downloads, categories, revenue, ratings, usage, engagement, and advertising metrics. With App Annie, you can do competitive research, find partners to work with, identify new markets, and better understand app users’ interests and behavior.

Like App Annie, Sensor Tower offers valuable app and market insights that help companies make better decisions. This platform has multiple intelligence products, including App Intelligence, Store Intelligence, Ad Intelligence and Usage Intelligence.

Sensor Tower

Then, how about the data accuracy? It’s hard to say. From my experience, both of them can be very accurate in some areas but not so much in others. Usually, the data for some famous app is more accurate.

For both App Annie and Sensor Tower, you can get the basic version of some products for free, such as top charts, featured apps, app profiles and app publishers. If you want to access other key data, you need to get a subscription. However, pricing is not available on the website of App Annie and Sensor Tower. You can contact their sales to get the info on pricing. As a user, I must say both of them are helpful but very expensive which may not ideal tools for small and even medium companies.

All in all, App Annie is more helpful in competitive research while Sensor Tower do better in Ad intelligence and App localization analysis. Furthermore, both of them are very expensive ($$$$$)

2.     Apptopia – Mobile App Download, SDK, Revenue & Usage Data

Apptopia is another great alternative of App Annie. It is great for developers who want to access data of their competitors and gain valuable insights into the market.

Download, revenue, and usage estimates are available for every ranked app and publisher in the world. According to the vendor, Apptopia is unique in its ability to also offer SDK recognition and analysis, category level analysis, and customizable industry reports.


Apptopia has several different plans. The “Radar” plan is great for you if you’re looking to spy on your competitors, download, in-app purchase revenue, DAU, MAU and app store rank. If you are interested in lead generation and account management, then the “Sales Prospector” plan is good. You can also get the full product which include “Radar”, “Sales Prospector” and extra add-ons. The price of full product is $6,000/mo.

Apptopia Price

All in all, it is not wise to the full product of Apptopia because Apptopia’s Price is as high as App Annie or Sensor Tower but the service is not as comprehensive as them.

3.      SimilarWeb – Marketing Intelligence Solutions for Both App and Website

Initially, SimilarWeb is an online competitive intelligence tool that provides traffic and marketing insights for any website. The tool provides users with a quick overview of a site’s reach, ranking and user engagement.

As is expected from a leading online company, SimilarWeb has taken a major step into the mobile arena. Their tool offers in depth mobile app analyses that present valuable insights about your mobile app, allowing you to compare your app with other apps in the same industry/category. The mobile app analysis contains 3 categories with valuable data about Android and iOS apps:


App Overview

Ranking and Rating- rating based on audience reviews, installation numbers, app category ranking and top free category ranking.

App Engagement- engagement metrics and user behavior habits and lifespan (only for android apps).

  • Overview
  • Audience interests
  • Usage patterns
  • Retention

Store page analysis- app store data compared to other apps (only for android apps)

  • In-store traffic
  • External traffic
  • In-store keywords
  • Search engine keywords

If you would like to delve further into a mobile app’s trends this feature will enable you to conduct a search using 4 filters:

  • Mobile App Store (Play store/App store)
  • Country
  • Category
  • Free/Paid

A free version of SimilarWeb is available (sign-up required), enabling users to get a feel for the tool with limited access to the PRO tool’s features. The free account offers 5 results per metric, 1 month of mobile app data and 3 months of web traffic data. The premium plan from SimilarWeb can be customized to your marketing needs, but offers unlimited results per metric, 28 months of mobile app data, up to 3 years of web traffic data and more insights, such as:

  • Global and country level data
  • Desktop vs mobile web split analysis
  • Mobile app engagements
  • Popular pages
  • Keyword analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Unique Visitors

In order to get the accurate price, you need to contact a SimilarWeb representative.

4.     AppTweak – Leading ASO Tool for Apps & Games

AppTweak is a leading ASO tool, providing all the data and insights you need to increase your app or game’s visibility, boost organic downloads and find new growth opportunities.

Like Sensor Tower, AppTweak offers 4 products:

ASO Intelligence

Find new keyword opportunities, research your competitors and monitor your keyword movements. The ASO report gives you:

  • A metadata analysis
  • Analysis of your competition
  • Keyword research
  • An app icon color tool (which helps you evaluate your competitors’ icon colors and see if you can make those colors work for you, too!)
  • App version history
  • Daily ASO email reports
  • Google Play Store backlinks tracking

Ad Intelligence

Spy on your competitors and see which keywords they are currently bidding on with Apple Search Ads. Then, you can find out who is running ads on your top performing organic keywords.


App Intelligence

Connect your app store consoles to monitor app performance across countries and benchmark with competitor estimates. You can easily monitor app downloads across your main markets and compare with competitor estimates. Find out who receives the most downloads and who is growing the fastest.

Market Intelligence

Understand which categories or countries are experiencing the largest growth by analyzing app market trends based on app downloads and revenue estimates across the world.

To be honest, the most helpful feature in AppTweak is the ASO intelligence which stars from $58/mo. If you need all-in-one plans which includes Ad Intelligence, Market Intelligence and App Intelligence, you need to contact AppTweak to get the offer. In my opinion, if you need the Ad Intelligence, Market Intelligence and App Intelligence, you’d better use App Annie or Sensor Tower. AppTweak has its strength in ASO.

5.     AppsFlyer – Mobile Attribution Tracking

AppsFlyer is quite different from App Annie and I should not list it as one of the App Annie alternatives. But I did.

AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution tracking platform that allows marketers and advertisers to manage, measure, and analyze which campaigns drive results. With its accurate data and customer-centric approach, it’s the number one choice of leading brands. It promises deep integrations with every media source including marketing platforms such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook. The pre-configured postbacks send all the right engagement data to partners, thus helping users to build advanced audience campaigns. 

Different from Appannie which mainly allows you to do competitor research, Appsflyer helps in get insights from your own users. Instead of listing Appsflyer as a competitor to App Annie, it would be more reasonable to list it as a partner of App Annie.  


6.     SocialPeta – Best Ad Intelligence Platform

SocialPeta is another good App Annie alternative if you want to spy competitors’ Ads data. App Annie can help you spy competitors’ Ads data, but Socialpeta do much better.

SocialPeta covers 62 countries, 70 mainstream channels like Google, Unity, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. Hundreds of millions of creative materials and the latest materials are updated in real time. 

The biggest feature of SocialPeta is ad creatives. So far, it has garnered more than 600 million data points in the industries of games, tools, and websites (e-commerce & brands).

In addition to ads intelligence spying, SocialPeta is also focused on analyzing advertisers’ mobile advertising activities. SocialPeta’s data analysis includes:

  • Ads Intelligence: Audience Interest, App Intelligence (downloads, revenue, etc.), Inventory Intelligence, ASM
  • Advertiser analysis
  • Network overview

SocialPeta currently doesn’t offer any pricing plans publicly on the website, but the plans can be accessed by contacting the support. Also, it offers a free trial for three days to all of its users so that they get to know the tool in a much better way. 

7.     Appfigures – ASO Tools, App Intelligence, and Analytics

Appfigures is an ASO tool that enables developers to identify, track, and monitor new keywords based on search rankings, manage sales prospecting, add replies to app reviews & more. It is also a

mobile analytics system that helps businesses monitor revenue, manage reviews, generate analytical reports, track downloads, and more. Here is what Appfigures can do for you.


App Analytics

Appfigures provides all analytics and insights you need to run your app business:

  • Downloads – Get a quick overview of your total downloads, or dig into downloads by type, including app downloads, updates, returns, educational downloads, gifts, and promo codes.
  • Revenue – See your bottom line, including: app and in-app revenue, ad revenue, returns, and educational purchases.
  • Subscriptions – Analyze your active subscriptions, churn, MRR, and more quickly.
  • Reviews – Read what your users are saying about your app from all countries, translated into your language and reply with a tap.
  • Ratings – See how your ratings change over time and by country.
  • Ad Revenue – Check your ad revenue as well as total impressions, eCPM, fill rate, and more.
  • Ad Spend – See how your ad campaign are performing across all ad networks.

ASO Tools

The ASO tool can help you:

  • Find the best keywords for your apps based on performance.
  • Track keyword ranks with hourly updates so you can react faster
  • See keywords competitors are using and their ranks

App Intelligence

With App Intelligence, you’ll be able to quickly size up the competition, explore new markets, and benchmark your performance. You can access the following data:

  • Download Estimates – Daily estimated download trends with country breakdown
  • Revenue Estimates – Daily estimated revenue trends with country breakdown
  • Audience Demographics – Audience breakdown by gender and age group
  • SDK Intelligence – Installed and uninstalled SDKs and native APIs
  • Features – Find all the places apps are featured now or in the past
  • Reviews & Ratings – Analyze reviews and ratings from every country

Manage App Reviews

Appfigures provides you an easy way to monitor, analyze, and reply to app reviews.

Appfigures has 6 pricing plans:

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Connect $9.99 per month
  • Monitor $29.99 per month
  • Optimize $99.99 per month
  • Grow $299.99 per month
  • Explore $2499.99 per month
Appfigures Price

8.     42matters – Mobile App Intelligence

42matters offers a full suite of products and services for App Intelligence and Mobile Audience Data. It allows you to visually explore the most complete database of Google Play Store and Apple App Store apps, publishers, SDKs, technologies, contacts and more. You can also access all Android and iOS apps’ meta-data, insights and audiences on Google Play and Apple App Store via their API.

42 Matters Pricing Plan

  • Free trial
  • Explorer – Starter (€299/mo), Professional (€749/mo), and Enterprise (€1,149/mo)
  • API – Tiny (€79/mo), Small (€249/mo), Medium (€699/mo), and Large (€999/mo)
42matters Price

9.     MobileAction – ASO & App Marketing Tool

MobileAction is an intuitive App Store Optimization and Mobile App Intelligence platform that helps app marketers rank higher in app store search, get more organic downloads, and understand the key metrics that will assist them in making the right business decisions.

The scope of solutions offered in MobileAction’s all-in-one platform include ASO Intelligence for driving organic growth for app publishers, Market and Ad intelligence features for app marketers and product managers, and SDK Intelligence for developers.

ASO Intelligence

ASO Intelligence is a comprehensive set of tools that enables you to deep dive on keyword research and track the keywords of your competitors. Here you can access Customized Keywords, Keyword Data, Localization, App Update Timeline, Search Ads Intelligence, ASO Report, Visibility Report and more.

Market Intelligence

You can access historical data on download and revenue numbers, and the same for daily active users and monthly active users. You can even dig down into audience geography to see where the users of your competitors are based around the world.


Ad Intelligence

The large majority of app marketers will be running search ads on one network or another, and it pays dividends to know what your competitors are up to. Ad Intelligence lets you see who is running ads on Facebook, Admob, Unity, Vungal, Ironsource, and Apploving. It also allows you to check what ads your competitors are running. For example, if your competitors are running a video ad, you can play and see the ad within the dashboard itself. You can see the title and the description they’re using, when the ad was first seen and last seen and for how long it has been running for.

SDK Intelligence

Discover the top SDKs being used by various apps across the market.

MobileAction offers different pricing plans for particular needs of app makers as well as enterprise packages for large companies. If you are working to a budget, then it is probably advisable to start with the ASO Intelligence package first and dig out as much gold as you can from there before thinking about moving on to enterprise packages.

10.  App Radar – ASO & ASA Tool

App Radar helps developers get their apps and mobile games discovered in the app stores and manages your entire ASO workflow through one simple interface. Not only that, once your ASO is fixed, App Radar will also help you set up optimized Apple Search Ads to help you scale up your User Acquisition results.

App Radar Price

Final Thoughts on App Annie Alternatives and Competitors

As whole, Sensor Tower is the best App Annie alternatives. However, if you want to find tools like App Annie to do ASO, then App Tweak and App Radar would be good choices. If you need Ads intelligence only, then SocialPeta will meet your requirement.

As you can see, many mobile intelligence tools have several functions and features which make their price high at the same time. Honestly, if you need the full package of ASO, Ads intelligence and market intelligence, I would recommend App Annie and Sensor Tower because they provide data more accuracy. If you just need part of the function, then choose the one fit your need to save money.

What’s the tool you are using as the App Annie alternative? What are your favorite mobile intelligence provider? Do I miss any?

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