Monthly Social Media Updates and News –January 2022

Keeping up with new changes on the various social media platforms is essential to staying ahead on social media. However, we know that you are busy scheduling content and engaging with your followers, so it can be difficult to check all the news about social media.

So, here we picked the latest headlines on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest.

This post is a part of our monthly social media updates and news series, where you can quickly scan through quick recaps of all the changes that took place in recent months.

Today, we’ll recap all the important social media updates in January 2022.

Monthly Social Media Updates and News –January 2022

1. Facebook’s Removing Profile Videos

Facebook has announced that it’s removing video profile images as of February 7th, with people who currently have a video profile image being reverted back to a still picture instead.

2. Meta Launches Improved 3D Avatars, Expands Avatar Use to Instagram

Meta has released an updated process for its 3D avatar creation on Facebook and Messenger, while it’ll also now enable people to use their custom avatars in Instagram Stories and DMs as well.

3. Instagram Expands Video Remix Option to All Videos, Not Just Reels Clips

Instagram is expanding on its TikTok-like toolset by adding the capacity to remix all videos that people post in the app, not just Reels, increasing your options for creative response and engagement.

Instagram Expands Video Remix Option to All Videos

4. Instagram Launches Live Test of Fan Subscriptions

Instagram has launched an initial test of its new Subscriptions option for Instagram creators, which will provide another monetization avenue for platform stars, ideally providing more incentive for them to keep posting their content to IG, instead of being lured to TikTok or YouTube instead.

5. Instagram Turns on IG Live Badges by Default for Eligible Creators

After rolling them out to selected creators over the past year, Instagram has now announced that its live-stream Badges, which enable viewers to make donations to creators, will be enabled by default for all streams in all regions where they’re available.

6. Instagram Adds Scheduled Live Display on User Profiles

After previewing it as a coming feature within its announcement of the expansion of remixable videos on the platform, Instagram has now outlined its new display of scheduled live streams on creator profiles, providing another way to raise awareness of upcoming live broadcasts in the app.

TikTok has added a new element to the Trends section of its Creative Center, which now provides a listing of the most popular songs in the app, at any given time, which is filterable by region.

8. TikTok’s Testing a New Option to Invite Your Connections in Other Apps

TikTok’s testing a new feature designed to help creators grow their following by inviting their connections on other apps to both view their clips and follow their TikTok profile in one fell swoop.

TikTok's Testing a New Option to Invite Your Connections in Other Apps

9. TikTok Is Experimenting with New Video Avatar Tools

TikTok’s testing a new avatar feature that will enable users to create a digital character avatar based on a selfie, with facial expressions that will match your actual look.

10. Twitter Rolls Out Spaces Recording for All Users

Twitter announced that all Spaces hosts can now record their chats, on both iOS and Android devices.

The functionality provides additional value for your Spaces content, which can now be re-shared to generate more interest, while it will also facilitate broader re-purposing considerations.

11. LinkedIn Announces the Retirement of its LinkedIn Lite App

LinkedIn has announced that it’s shutting down LinkedIn Lite, its pared-back version of the platform, designed for users in regions with more restricted connectivity and data access provisions.

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